About Fresh & Fabulous

Situated in the heart of Maidenhead (upstairs within Toni & Guy Hairdressers), our salon is a little hidden gem. 
In an age of scientifically proven skincare discerning clients demand high performance advanced treatments that give effective and long lasting results. At Fresh & Fabulous Aesthetic Salon we celebrate individuality, are passionate about the treatments and products we offer and just a little bit over protective of our client’s skin.
We apply a holistic approach and our treatments and products have been having thoroughly researched and thoughtfully selected. We  just love high quality, vitamin rich products, offer innovative and effective skin solutions using skin care technology that is backed by scientifically proven medical research. Some of our retail and professional products are vegan – like our waxing treatments.

Intelligent Cosmeceuticals (Environ & Medik8) and Superceutical (Priori) skincare products, which, whilst paying meticulous attention to their efficacy and ability to deliver results, contain valuable ingredients that are suitable for all skin types.
Almost all of our treatments can be tailored to suit your skins needs. Technologies such as Micro-Current, Sonophoresis, Iontophoresis, Lightfusion Light Therapy, Skin Peels and Collagen Stimulation Therapy (aka Dermal Rollering/Skin Needling) can all be combined to create a bespoke treatment. We offer a free, 45 minute consultation, to help you understand the various technologies,  how they work and what it can do to help your skins needs. 
Fresh & Fabulous Aesthetic Beauty Salon – Reception Area