Fresh & Fabulous

In an age of scientifically proven skincare discerning clients demand high performance advanced treatments that give effective and long lasting results.
Skincare, whether it’s a facial, fabulous nails, beautifully shaped brows or waxing for super smooth skin, is no longer left to chance as the traditional view of simply going to a beauty salon for an hour of pampering has fallen by the wayside. Clients no longer want to compromise between luxurious experiences and the choice of treatments and products available. Everyone’s skin is unique and has its own special needs and as skin care products touch your skin, what happens to your skin matters. It is, therefore, absolutely imperative that the choice of products used during a treatment is as important as the treatment itself.

The treatments and products we use and offer have been thoroughly researched and thoughtfully selected. Whether it’s a non-invasive non-surgical facial or a medically aesthetic treatment we are here to help you enhance your appearance that will give you confidence and leave you looking fresh and feeling fabulous.
But what happens after your treatment? We know that your time is limited, but we want to you to continue receiving the benefit of the treatment long after you have left the salon. At Fresh & Fabulous not only will you be given after care advice that is both down to earth and practical, but recommended retail products for home use. These cosmeceutical products, whilst paying meticulous attention to their efficacy and ability to deliver results, contain valuable ingredients that will continue to enhance your appearance.
Whether it is a beauty boosting anti-ageing facial, gorgeous nails, beautifully shaped brows, luxurious lashes, waxing for super smooth skin or simply looking to indulge in a relaxing body treatment, Fresh & Fabulous aims to offer a broad range of treatments and retail products to suit your individuality.

Fresh & Fabulous Beauty Salon – Treatment Room