Back Scrub & Bamboo Massage -Treatment 45 min
Using a blend of either relaxing or energizing oils to promote a sense of well-being this stress-relieving treatment that begins with back brushing then a Sea Salt exfoliation to stimulate circulation followed by a back massage using a bamboo wand. biodroga-tropical-bamboo-treatments
Aroma Algae Firming Body Wrap Treatment – 60 min
Full body brush, Sea Salt exfoliation followed by the application of a unique blend of Aromatherapy Oils and Marine Algae wrap to invigorate & detoxify your body, reducing water retention, leaving you feeling lighter and firmer. Please Note: This is not a weight reduction treatment.
Velvet Skin Body Wrap Treatment – 60 min
A luxurious body treatment for dry and dehydrated skins. Body brushing and full body exfoliation with Sea Salt Crystals to stimulate circulation and cell renewal followed by a generous application of Milk & Honey Body Mask Wrap to activate your metabolism, restore and hydrate your skin leaving it silky & velvety soft. A truly red carpet treatment for your body!
Bamboo Massage & Body Treatment  – 90 min
This fabulous treatment begins with an Ayruvedic Garshan massage performed with silk gloves followed by body massage with a bamboo wand using fragrant velvety wax. A Cashmere Body Wrap is applied after which your body is moisturised leaving you deeply relaxed.



The CACI Electro Cellulite Massager (ECM) is another unique treatment combining massage with the therapeutic benefits of micro-current therapy. The ECM can be used for massaging areas of stubborn cellulite, soothing tired aching muscles, relieving painful stress nodules, contouring & toning legs, thighs & stomachs, temporary lifting & firming buttocks and stimulating circulation.
Using the CACI Micro-current we can also treat Hands (age spots) whilst firming Bust, Stomach, Legs and Buttocks.  CACI Body Healing Treatments can be carried out anywhere on the body, to effectively treat congested areas as well as eczema & psoriasis. With Ultrasound to destroy bacteria and remove impurities, Micro-current to repair tissue and LED Light Therapy to calm inflammation and accelerate the healing process.
Please speak to the Therapist for further information.
CACI Electro Cellulite Massager – 40 min Per Treatment Area
CACI Roller Bars with Micro-Current impulses are used to tone particularly difficult areas such as: abdomen, bust, legs & buttocks, stretch marks & scar tissue. The treatment is tailored to address client’s specific concerns and for long term & effective results it is recommended that you have the treatments twice a week to begin with until you are happy with the result and then follow it up with a monthly maintenance treatment.
CACI Body Firming Treatment – 40 min Treatment Time Per Area
– Bust Firming Treatment
– Abdomen Firming Treatment
– Legs & Buttocks Firming Treatment