Launched in 2012, Fresh & Fabulous offers a range of treatments and products to start discerning clients on their journey to having great skin, regardless of their age, skin type or ethnicity. In an industry that is constantly evolving with new and innovative products trying to find out what suits your skin is not easy. The glut of information, available from sources such as the internet, magazine articles, media coverage and celebrity endorsements simply adds to the confusion.
With today’s busy lifestyle, ‘me’ time matters too and having information readily available, savvy clients make informed choices not only where to go for a particular treatment but which treatment to have. Many of our clients come personally recommended, and once they have visited the salon remain loyal to us as they are assured of the consistency in our treatment of them and the service we provide. This is reflected in the reviews we have received and we urge you to take some time to read them.
At Fresh & Fabulous, our aim is to create an atmosphere that is conducive in helping you make choices to suit you, your skin and your lifestyle. It is what you want for yourself that matters rather than what is being touted as the ‘must have’ treatment or product of the moment.

Fresh & Fabulous Beauty Salon Reception

It is with this in mind that we offer a free 45 minute appointment for an informal chat with our qualified therapist.  We are happy to sit down with you and discuss your concerns, answer any questions you may have and where possible, tailor a treatment accordingly to suit your skins specific needs. There is no obligation on your part to book a treatment or purchase a product when you book this complimentary appointment.
If you wish to talk about Medical Aesthetic Treatments we recommend that you call the salon to book a 30 minute session with Sinead Murphy RGN INP. There is a £25 fee payable for your consultation which is redeemable against your medically aesthetic treatment treatment if booked within 4 weeks of your consultation. 
What do I believe in? Well…

‘ Sometimes, I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast’.*

*Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland