For thousands of years, in the ancient cultures of China & Egypt the therapeutic benefits of massage was well known and documented. Egyptian tomb paintings show that massage therapy was also a part of their medical tradition. Egyptians get the credit for pioneering reflexology. Their studies and traditions greatly influenced other cultures such as the Greeks and Romans. Chinese text called ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine’ was first published in English in 1949, and become a staple for massage therapy training as well as other alternative medicine such as acupuncture, acupressure and herbology. In India the ancient Hindu’s used the art of healing touch in the practice of Ayurvedic medicine which combines the holistic practice of meditation, relaxation and aromatherapy.
Massage, whilst remaining a lifestyle choice, is a great way to give yourself a sense of well-being as it releases the stress in tensed muscles whilst increasing circulation and detoxifying the body.  Massage will give you a deep sense of relaxation, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, muscle tension, stiffness & pain,  whilst improving blood circulation, aiding lymphatic drainage and giving you greater flexibility. It can help lower blood pressure, relieve headaches, help improve posture, nourish your skin and boost your immune system.
This is a lifestyle choice that has many benefits!
Back , Neck  & Shoulder
20 min | £20         30 min | £30          40 min | £40
Indian Head Massage
30 min | £30
Relaxation Massage
Your Therapist will discuss with you the area that you would like her to focus on for this session
40 min | £40
Swedish Full Body Massage
60 min | £50