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In an age of scientifically proven skincare discerning clients want high performance advanced treatments that give long lasting & effective results. Our treatments offer innovative & effective skin solutions using technology that is backed by scientifically proven medical research.

Our products have been thoroughly researched & thoughtfully selected. These medical grade cosmeceutical & superceutical skincare products, whilst paying meticulous attention to their efficacy & ability to deliver results, contain valuable ingredients that are suitable for all skin types including Acneic, Pigmented & Sensitive skins.

All treatments at Fresh & Fabulous Aesthetic Beauty Salon are carried out to the highest standard, ensuring client satisfaction and long-lasting benefits. We pride ourselves on our continuous commitment to excellence through innovative and results driven treatments and products.

Our Therapists are fully qualified, sent on external training programmes and committed to ensuring that our clients are extremely well looked after, correctly assessed, offered a choice of treatments and products, whilst taking into consideration their overall wellbeing. Meet our Team:


Beauty Therapist | Skincare Specialist

Rashida ‘fell into’ beauty after a chance remark and has not looked back, since leaving her job in an investment company over 10 years ago. Passionate about skincare she has created a salon where the focus is on the client and the bar is set high for those who want real results.


Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics has always been a passion for Dr Teresa, treating everything from teeth to crow’s feet and everything in between. Dr Teresa is fully trained and experienced in applying Botox, Dermal Fillers and more, to help restore what age takes away. She specialise in providing tailored solutions that will help you preserve your youthful good looks.

To find out more about Dr Teresa’s filed of expertise please visit her website www.drteresa.co.uk


Nail Technician

Maria is a highly qualified Professional Nail Technician who can do Custom Polish, Gel Nails, Ge Extensions, Gel Infills, Nail Art, Embellishments. She is also trained in the techniques of cleaning, filing and grooming fingernails and toenails which includes the trimming and removal of the cuticle, moisturizing the skin of the hands and feet, removal of dead skin in both areas and a light massage to improve circulation and relaxation.


Nutritionist | Personal Trainer | Health & Wellness for Women & Children

Yelena comes highly recommended. Her philosophy is grounded in a holistic approach to health and wellness for women and children. With a Masters degree in PE, a Diploma in Physical Rehabilitation Exercises from Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth & Tourism and, various certification programmes in the UK, Yelena’s vision is to help you promote and enhance synergy of all body systems by improving your nutrition, lifestyle and fitness regimes. She specialises in:

Personalised Nutrition & Nutrigenomics | Laboratory Tests | Fertility/Pre/Post Natal Wellness | Peri/Post-Menopausal Wellness | Children’s Wellness (5-16 yrs.) | Power Plate Certified Training | Ethical/Organic Wellness Products

Fund out more about her and what she can do for you on her website www.somaomnia.co.uk.

Feel Fresh & Look Fabulous

Client Opinions & Reviews

  • Sanita Bluma

  • Regular Client

  • Monica A

  • Kathy Craggs

  • Mrs Fenech

  • Harriet Burdett

  • Yelena

  • Gillian PP

  • Smashing Girl

  • Rachel Littlewood

  • Have been a costumer for a while now. Always coming back for friendly and professional approach, great quality products and wide range of procedures available. Last time I did lash lifting, something new for me. Great result, no need for lash curlers anymore! I greatly recommend, lushes lifted and no need for mascara if you don’t want to. Looking forward to my next visit.

  • I highly recommend Rashida and her lovely clinic. Very professional, polite and thorough. I enjoyed an invigorating facial. I have returned a few times since then and several of my friends have been referred there too. The fees are also very reasonable and you never feel rushed.

  • I had a lash tinting session with Rashida, she is professional, kind and knows what she is doing, I would absolutely recommend her.

  • Wonderful salon, Rashida and staff very professional, welcoming, excellent service.

  • Amazing salon, friendly staff, would recommend to anyone

  • Easy online booking system with a helpful reminder text sent the day before. Service was extremely professional and time and care was taken. The salon was clean and tidy. I would highly recommend. (To get in you walk through the hairdressers)

  • Radhida is amazing holistic beauty professional. While ago, she gave my daughter specific advice for her face skin care regime, which she adapted later with certain products to suit, it worked for her very well. My facial was adapted too, which I love, together with specific after care after…Highly recommend Fresh and Fabulous, thank you Rashida!!

  • Excellent beauty salon. Once again, I was most impressed by the professionalism of the staff. Everywhere is very clean and clients’ health and safety is at the forefront. Had a great pedicure again. Looking forward to having one of the custom facials when it is allowed but will have a couple of body treatments beforehand which are excellent too.

  • I’ve had a few treatments with different salons but this facial was just amazing. Rashida explained it all, went through the full procedure and use cosmeceutical products during the treatment. I’ve finished the course and my skin is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Beautiful salon – immaculately clean and fab products too!

  • Friendly service by genuine experts who are passionate about beauty.