We have appointed Sinead Murphy RGN INP as our in-house medically qualified aesthetician to provide all our medical aesthetic treatments. Sinead is eminently qualified and insured to carry out these treatments.
Before booking any non-surgical procedure we encourage potential clients to find out more about what the procedure involves, any possible complications and side effect’s they may encounter by booking a pre-treatment consultation. We believe that a pre-treatment consultation is as important as the treatment itself.
Sinead holds sessions at other clinics, so please call the salon to book your consultation or treatment.
PLEASE NOTE: These treatments can be carried out as long as the Client follows the  requisite strict guidelines. Please call the salon to book your appointment with Sinead.


Botox® is extremely safe and effective when administered by a trained and experienced medical professional. Sinead will ensure that the right dosage is used in the right area to avoid asymmetrical results, muscle drooping, frozen expressions and potentially dangerous consequences. As we age, over time, the muscles we use on our face to create facial expressions do not disappear. Botox® has become well-known as a safe and effective treatment as it simply relaxes these muscles that cause lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by softening then and making them less obvious. Botox® usually takes effect 24-72 hours after injection, with maximum effect at about 1 to 2 weeks. Its effects generally last for approximately 3-4 months. However, once the Botox® treatment is stopped the muscles will begin to function normally and resume their ageing process.


Restylane® and Perlane® are a range of Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers, which safely and effectively reduce lines, folds, wrinkles and contours to create volume whilst hydrating the skin to improve its appearance. They are used to smooth away moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Restylane is the worlds most used, most studied of dermal fillers and has an extensive range of products suited to individual treatment needs. Dermal fillers are used to enhance, restore, refine and define lines and wrinkles around the face for a more youthful or healthy appearance.


Winner of Product Innovation of the Year 2016 – The Aesthetic Awards
Profhilo® is an effective and natural looking non-surgical facelift treatment, that addresses skin laxity. Made of 100% HA (Hyaluronic Acid), it nourishes dermal cells, restores firmness, hydrates your skin from inside out whilst getting rid of ‘crepey’ skin. Profhilo® uses patented technologies engineered for ‘skin remodelling’, a revolutionary concept of ‘curling’ wrinkles rather than ‘filling’ them. It effectively stimulates the production of both your natural collagen and elastin to renew your skin from within.
Botox® | 30m | From £200
Botox® is used for advanced techniques such as Eye Rejuvenation, Brow Lift, Forehead Furrows, Frown Lines (Glabella), Crows Feet, Jowls (lower face lift), redefine Jaw Line, Smokers Lines (upper lip), Smile Lift (downturned mouth), Bunny Lines. Botox® can also treat body areas such as neck and chest/décolletage.
Hyperhidrosis | 30m | £450
Hyperhidrosis is the name of the condition where by the body produces excess sweat. There are two types of hyperhidrosis: primary and secondary. It’s not clear why primary hyperhidrosis develops, though it’s thought to be the result of a problem with part of your nervous system. Hyperhidrosis can be treated with injections that blocks the signals that tell the sweat glands to produce sweat, thus reducing the amount you sweat.
Nefertiti Neck Lift | 45m | From £375
The ‘Nefertiti Lift’ uses Botox® to redefine the jawline and soften lines on the neck for a smoother, tighter, more contoured appearance without surgery. It increases elasticity and reduces effects of ageing. By injecting BOTOX® around the jawline into a thin muscle called the Platysma, with relax the muscle, so that muscles on the upper face become stronger and they in this way perform a non-surgical lift upwards. Results can be seen from a single treatment and these will become more noticeable within 2/3 weeks post treatment. To maintain the effect, you will need to repeat treatment every 3/6 months. The treatment gets its name from elegant, swan-like neck of the treatment was Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.
Dermal Fillers | 30m | From £370
Dermal fillers is used to for: 8 Point Facelift, Marionette Lines (nose to mouth), thin Lips (lip enhancement), Smokers Lines (upper Lip), Cheeks (loss of volume), Chin Enhancement, Jawline, Under Eye Bags/Tear-Troughs, Facial Folds, Nose re-shape & Acne Scars (pitted scarring), Hand Fillers, Décolletage & Neck Tightening.
Lip Enhancement | 35m | From £195
Lip Enhancement is a popular treatment which addressed many concerns. There are many reasons why people are unhappy about the shape and size of their lips. The natural ageing process can make lips appear thinner and less defined. For some their lips may always been narrow with a less pronounced cupid’s bow. Make-up can help to a certain degree however, many lipsticks are prone to smudging, distorting and bleeding into the vertical lines known as ‘lipstick lines’ above the mouth. Lip enhancement is a specific treatment that will enhance the natural pattern of your lips, helping you achieve a more defined, beautifully shaped, bigger lips. Using a filler that mimics the body’s natural hyaluronic acid, the treatment is safe, long-lasting giving natural looking results.