Microblading is the art of applying semi-permanent colour to the eyebrow with an incredibly fine sterile blade. Tiny precision hair strokes are drawn delicately on the brow area to create a perfectly shaped brow. Every hair is drawn individually allowing us to create the brow shape that is completely personalised and tailored to suit you. A fine curved hair stroke is used to mimic your real hair in thickness and direction of growth, giving a more natural appearance than a tattoo or semi-permanent make-up. The effect lasts up to 18 months where the client follows the follow up & top up sessions. Microblading is for anyone who wants their brows to look naturally amazing all of the time. Say goodbye to brow pencils, brushes, uneven eyebrows & wasting time & wake up to beautiful brows every day.
We are registered with & licensed by the Royal Borough of Windsor Maidenhead (RBWM) to carry out Microblading Treatment. The By-Laws issued by the RBWM governing the Licence is available for your perusal at our salon.

The treatment is done is 5 Stages.
Stage 1 – 4 | £395
♦ Stage 1 | Quick Consultation | 15m | Free
We explain what the procedure involves, have a chat about what you would like to achieve and answer any questions you may have. There is no need to book an appointment.
♦ Stage 2 | Consultation | Scratch Patch Test | Brow Tint & Wax Shape | 60m | £45
This is mandatory and must be done 72 hours prior to treatment. It includes a Medical Consultation, Scratch Patch Test , Pre-Treatment Advice & Guidance, Colour Consultation as well as Brow Wax & Shape. The fee is non-refundable but redeemable against Treatment Stage 3.
♦ Stage 3 | Microblading 1st Treatment | 2/3 hr | £350
A final consultation is done BEFORE commencing treatment. After the treatment is completed you will be given after care advice. Before you leave we will set a date for you to return for a touch up at 6/8 weeks. PLEASE NOTE: This MUST be booked between the times indicated (6-8 weeks) or you will be charged a fee of £150 to complete the Microblading Touch Up.
♦ Stage 4 | Microblading Touch Up | 2 hr
We will discuss how the treatment has progressed and carry out any touch up treatment required. You will be given an option to come bask in another 6-8 weeks for any further treatment if required. There is no fee for these 2 touch up consultations and treatment. Once this is done and you are happy with the results we will set the date for a refresh treatment at 9 months from your last touch up. You MUST complete your refresh treatment at 9 months or you will be charged the full fee of £350 to complete the refresh session.
Stage 5 | Microblading Refresh | 2/3 hr | £150
This is the final stage of your treatment and MUST be completed at 9 months after your last touch up session. PLEASE NOTE: If this stage is not completed within the time stated at Stage 4 we will charge you the full fee of £350 to carry out this refresh stage. Once this is completed the microblading will last for up to 18/24 months.