ThermaVisage Radio Frequency is an innovative, results driven, non-invasive & pain free treatment with no downtime. This versatile 3 in 1 System will firm, lift, tighten & tone the contours of the face, neck & body. It can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite and will even lift & tighten your bum. All this after a course of 10/12 treatments (or more depending on lifestyle, age & skin laxity).
ThermaVisage RF is a 3 in 1 System using Radio Frequency, Vacuum Suction & LED Light Therapy.
Radio Frequency (RF) works by producing a mild heat which penetrates into the dermis to generate an accelerated collagen production and contract collagen fibres to restructure and tighten the skin. The radio frequency energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue where the collagen fibres are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibres, and fat cells drain then shrink, while those all important fibroblast cells (part of our connective tissue) are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastic fibres. The effect of this is tighter, smoother, younger looking skin with a visible ‘lift’. On the body fat cells are reduced and stubborn cellulite looks a lot less noticeable.
Vacuum Suction boosts both the lymph & blood circulatory systems by stimulating the underlying structures. For the face, the increased circulation improves skin texture and increases lymphatic drainage, aiding the removal of toxins. For the body, Vacuum Suction helps break down the fatty tissue & cellulite, as well as improving lymphatic and venous circulation whilst toning & improving the appearance of the tissues. ThermaVisage RF includes five vacuum levels and four vacuum modes, allowing the therapist to personalise the treatment for their clients depending on their skin and the treatment being performed.
LED Light Therapy (Red & Blue) is an added extra that will enhance the skin cells to facilitate change. Red LED Light is used to regenerate, energise & stimulate collagen production whilst Blue LED Light is used to eliminate toxins, calm sensitive skin, treat acneic & congested skins.
These combined systems provide the ultimate most scientifically advanced salon procedures for anti-ageing which is non-invasive, results driven & with no down time!
Everyones skin is different, some clients see results immediately, some will need to wait 3 or 4 treatments to see noticeable results. We recommend a course of 10 treatments, taken once a week for best results. After this maintenance may be undertaken every 4/5 weeks.


ThermaVisage RF Express Facial
For those with limited time includes neck area. Double cleanse with facial scrub & finishing products.
30 min    £60
Course of 10 Treatments £540 (recommended)
ThermaVisage RF Facial + CACI Eye Lift
An added extra boost for the eye area.
45 min    £95
Course of 10 Treatments £855 (recommended)
ThermaVisage RF Facial + CACI Jowl Lift
An added extra boost for the jawline & chin.
60 min    £90
Course of 10 Treatments £810 (recommended)
ThermaVisage RF Ultimate Facial
Includes neck area. Double cleanse with enzyme exfoliation, masque & finishing products.
60 min    £85
Course of 10 Treatments £765 (recommended)
ThermaVisage RF + CACI Red Carpet Facial
The RF Face & Neck procedures is combines with CACI Non-Surgical Facial Toning. 
120 min    £145
ThermaVisage RF + ENVIRON Red Carpet Facial
The RF Face & Neck procedures is combines with Environ Active Vitamin Facial 
120 min    £145


ThermaVisage RF Body Firming Treatment.
ThermaVisage Radio Frequency is the perfect solution for treating Cellulite, Uneven Skin Tone & Sagging Skin around Thighs, Bum, Abdomen, Upper Arms & Lower Back. This scientifically advanced results driven treatment is non-invasive, pain free with no down time. It will lift, tighten, tone the contours of your body whilst reducing the appearance of cellulite and giving a visible ‘lift’. Treatment procedure includes cleanse & scrub of the area being treated.
40 min    £60 per area
Back of Thighs & Bum | Lower Back | Upper Arms | Tummy (Abdomen)
Course 10 Treatments £540 (recommended)
ADD ON – Front of Thighs to your Back of Thighs & Bum Treatment
20 min    £30
ThermaVisage RF Ultra Body Firming Treatment
Combination of Radio Frequency & Environ Soundwave Technology to give your chosen area an added boost to sculpt, firm & tone & whilst reducing the appearance of ‘Orange Peel’ or Dimpled Skin’ effect on thighs, arms, buttocks & stomach.
60 min    £90 per area